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5 Port POE Ethernet Switch


POE switch supports IEEE802.3af&at. It can supply power directly to a network deviceup to 100 meters (328 feet). The POE switch series with automatic detection when connected by non-PoE network device will automatically stop power supply. No Need to worry about damaging PoE or non-PoE standard equipment. Eliminate the hassle of supplying Power to Devices.


Support power over ethernet to IP Camera

Transmission distance 100M

No need to config, power is auto-output to PD compliant IEEE802.3af&at


PoE optimizes installation and power management of IP Cameras. PoE reduces the time and cost of installaition for many network devices. Use a standard Cat5 cable and place your IP camera free from the constrainst of the powerline. PoE supports PoE Single Output Protection function. When the detected single output power is more than 20% of normal, the POE switch automatically stops the power supply in this port, protecting this device and keeping the other devices functioning. After stopping power for 1-2 minutes, the PoE automatically restores power supplying function. If no abnormality detected, normal power supplying resumes.


PoE is great for widely used areas. Installing power outlets in hard to reach areas can be expensive for only one device. If the device is supports PoE power the device over PoE to reduce installation cost.


Uplink Port does not support power supply function.

Connect the switch to a network using an ethernet on the Uplink.

Connect any network devices to the PoE ports.


5 Ports 100Mbps PoE switch

Power Supply:DC 12 V

4 POE Ports

1 UPlink Port

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